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May 30, 2024

Why an Integrative Approach is Key to Optimum Health

Here at The Optimum Health Clinic, we’ve created a proven approach to healing from a range of conditions, including fatigue-related illnesses, trauma, anxiety, sleep disorders and digestion issues.

We’ve refined this unique approach over 20 years to help over 10,000 people worldwide, and one fundamental principle continues to ground this framework: true healing cannot happen by addressing just one piece of the puzzle.  

That’s why we have two specialist teams at The Optimum Health Clinic—our Psychology team and our Nutrition team—that work hand-in-hand to understand and address both the psychological and nutritional aspects of your health, creating a comprehensive recovery plan tailored just for you.

Hear more about our treatment philosophy from our founder, Alex Howard, who started the clinic after experiencing numerous clinics that neglected the mind-body connection during his seven-year struggle with ME/CFS.

Find out how our holistic and evidence-based approach could help you find optimum health with a free Discovery Call. Talk with one of our team about your situation to see if we’re the right fit for you—with no further obligation on your part.

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