Our Nutrition Department

Our nutrition team use Therapeutic Nutrition,
a proprietary framework, developed by the OHC.

Kirsty Kullen, CEO, explains the OHC approach to nutrition

Our Approach

Therapeutic Nutrition offers an integrative and evidence-based approach to nutrition, which is informed by the core principles of functional medicine.

At OHC we recognise that there are often multiple bodily systems, triggers and predisposing factors involved in each case, and using our clinically proven protocols, our team helps each individual map their path to optimum health.

The 3 Pillars of Therapeutic Nutrition

Functional Testing
Food & Lifestyle

Pillar 1:

Functional Testing

Using the latest functional laboratory tests, we investigate key bodily systems with particular focus on energy metabolism, digestive, endocrine and immune function. We use these results to assess your individual needs and build your tailored protocol. We work with a number of different labs globally, to ensure we can support clients based in different countries around the world.

Pillar 2:


We use pharmaceutical grade supplements and nutraceuticals to optimise energy and well-being. Our clinically informed and personalised protocols aim to address nutrient and functional imbalances that drive patterns of sub-optimal health. These protocols continually evolve as you progress along your clinical journey and your practitioner will continue to work with you to ensure the most effective approach for you.

Pillar 3: 

Food & Lifestyle

Nutrition and lifestyle changes alone can often result in meaningful improvements to your health and wellbeing. Using our wealth of experience, we will support you in building a nutrition approach which not only supports your individual health goals, but also aligns comfortably with your personal needs and requirements. We place a particular emphasis on supporting sustainable changes that clients can commit to.

Using these pillars, mind, body and emotions can work together in harmony

Managing Clinical Complexity

Many of the clients we work with have complex and medically unexplained symptoms. We use the OHC framework and protocols to decode what is happening in your body, and then work with you to map out an effective pathway forward.

Our focus is on empowering you, firstly by teaching you about your own body, and then by working with you to implement the tools that will restore balance. Our guiding principle is that, given the right support and conditions, the human body has a natural capacity and instinct towards healing.

One of the benefits of working with one of our Therapeutic Nutrition practitioners is that (subject to your consent) you are not just working with that individual practitioner, but with the support of our entire team.

Our nutrition and psychology teams have regular integrative protocol and case study meetings, where they discuss any cases that may not be responding as expected, and apply their clinical 'hive mind' to finding the best path forwards.

A healthy meal

The  D.R.I.V.E. protocol


Our nutrition clinical roadmap follows the D.R.I.V.E. protocol, which helps us ensure an approach of clarity, regular assessment and active engagement. The 5 steps are:


Decode what is going on — for effective clinical intervention, we first have to decode what is at the heart of each individual's symptoms.


Roadmap a path to healing — using our clinically proven framework, we develop a carefully designed roadmap for each individual's healing journey.


Integrate with our psychology team — we know that we get our best results when clients work with nutrition and psychology together.


Validate our clinical decisions — with ongoing testing and assessment, we continue to question our own assumptions, ensure the client is on track, and adapt intervention where necessary.


Engage the client in a proactive way — by helping our clients become active and empowered participants on their healing journey, not only do we maximise the effectiveness of our approach, but we also give the best possible chance of lasting change.

The Optimum Health Clinic Way

At the heart of the OHC is our personalised, integrative and evidence-based approach to achieving optimum health


Integrative means we are not tied to any one approach, but instead we bring together the different jigsaw pieces that make optimum health possible. Using Therapeutic Coaching™ and Therapeutic Nutrition, we work with you on both your physical body and your mental and emotional bodies.


Personalised means we recognise that everyone is different, and that although we strive to have the most cutting edge protocols and frameworks available, we recognise that the effective applications of these needs to be different for everyone.


Evidence-based means that our protocols are informed by the very latest research, and that we are committed to adding to this research through our clinical studies. Our studies have been published in academic journals such as British Medical Journal Open, Psychology and Health, Medical Hypotheses, and Journal of Integral Theory and Practice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I start with psychology or nutrition first?

We get our best results when people work with our combined program of psychology and nutrition together. However, if you have a particular requirement towards one area, for example you are already working effectively with an external practitioner on one side, then please let us know.

How long will it take to see results?

Every case is different. Our initial focus is towards decoding what is going on and roadmapping a plan to move forwards. Some clients will see meaningful changes initially, and with others we need to put fundamentals in place first to allow us to then tackle more complex issues. 

Much of our reputation has been built by helping clients who have not seen results with other approaches, so although we would never make promises, our success over the last 20 years is a testament to the effectiveness of our approach.

What is Therapeutic Coaching™ comprised of?

Therapeutic Coaching™ offers an integrative approach blending psychotherapeutic approaches with a solution-based coaching methodology, to support you in achieving optimum health. Areas that have influenced the model include NLP, hypnotherapy, developmental psychology, life coaching, EFT and mindfulness training.

Which functional tests do you use?

We use a range of testing options including, which include:
- Comprehensive Stool Analysis
- Small Intestinal Overgrowth (SIBO)
- Organic Acids Testing
- Adrenal Stress Index
- Nutrient Status Profiles
- Comprehensive Hormone Panels
- Mycotoxins
- Histamine Intolerance
- Kryptopyrroluria
- Chronic Co-Infection PanelsImmune Status Testing
- Toxic Metal & Chemical Exposure
- Food Intolerance Testing
- MARCoNs Nutrigenomics Testing

Are laboratory tests and supplements included in your programs?

No, they are not. Our programs include consultation time with our practitioners, but you will pay for labs and supplements costs separately and directly with the relevant suppliers. However, we are sometimes able to pass on discounts which some of our suppliers give to us.

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