Our Psychology Department

Our psychology-based programs use Therapeutic Coaching™, 
a proprietary framework developed by Alex Howard and the OHC team.

Clinical Director, Jess Thompson explaining the OHC framework

Our Approach

Therapeutic Coaching™ offers an integrative approach blending psychotherapeutic approaches with a solution-based coaching methodology, to support you in achieving optimum health.

At the OHC we believe that optimum health is achieved when your mind, body and emotions are working together in harmony.

Nervous System 
Emotional Healing
Behavioural Change

Pillar 1:

Nervous System Regulation

This pillar combines the latest research, along with the OHC’s immense clinical experience, to teach you practical tools to calm your nervous system and switch off the maladaptive stress response. You will learn to get your body consistently into the optimum healing state and support its natural capacity to heal.

Pillar 2:

Emotional Healing

As we learn to calm our mind and nervous system, often we will need to work with our emotions and cultivate a new relationship with our body. You will learn EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) which is at the forefront of the new field becoming known as “Energy Psychology”. You will also learn techniques from psychotherapy and coaching to support your emotional healing.

Pillar 3:

Behavioural Change

Knowing what to do is not the same as doing what we know!  Significant emphasis will be placed on cultivating new habits and putting what you learn into action. You will learn the different ways we tend to sabotage ourselves (particularly on the healing journey) and how to work with your body and mind, not against them. You will be introduced to the Wheel of Balanced Recovery tool to help you plot progress so far and identify areas that need further attention.

Using these pillars, mind, body and emotions can work together in harmony

Our psychology programs combine the best of online learning through Alex Howard’s best-selling RESET Program™, with individual therapeutic coaching sessions with our practitioner team, allowing you to experience the best of both in a supported way.

20 years of experience and growing

As the birthplace of the internationally recognised Therapeutic Coaching™ methodology, our team have worked to identify and develop the very best clinical tools for our clients for the last 20 years. We are continually committed to this work, to ensure that our clinical programs constantly evolve and improve.

Our programs carefully integrate the very best approaches available, therefore the OHC methodology is ultimately an approach that is greater than the sum of the parts. And, as the OHC approach develops, this is fed back into Therapeutic Coaching™ as its own living framework.

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The Optimum Health Clinic Way

At the heart of the OHC is our personalised, integrative and evidence-based approach to achieving optimum health.


Integrative means we are not tied to any one approach, but instead we bring together the different jigsaw pieces that make optimum health possible. Using Therapeutic Coaching™ and Therapeutic Nutrition, we work with you on both your physical body and your mental and emotional bodies.


Personalised means we recognise that everyone is different, and that although we strive to have the most cutting edge protocols and frameworks available, we recognise that the effective applications of these needs to be different for everyone.


Evidence-based means that our protocols are informed by the very latest research, and that we are committed to adding to this research through our clinical studies. Our studies have been published in academic journals such as British Medical Journal Open, Psychology and Health, Medical Hypotheses, and Journal of Integral Theory and Practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I start with psychology or nutrition first?

We get our best results when people work with our combined program of psychology and nutrition together. However, if you have a particular requirement towards one area, for example you are already working effectively with an external practitioner on one side, then please let us know.

How long will it take to see results?

By the end of the program you will have an in-depth understanding of how to use Therapeutic Coaching for yourself. As you will probably know, every situation is different. Some people see significant changes in a few days or a few weeks, whilst for others, change will be a more gradual process, based on the specific make up of their background and personal experiences. In our experience this is very normal – and while there are approaches out there that will claim they can offer “cures” and “95% success rates,” this can be very misleading.

It can take only a few days to change a mindset, but there is a reality where sometimes the body takes time to adjust. We are also much more interested in lasting change, than short-term peaks that can sometimes result in severe crashes further down the road.

What is Therapeutic Coaching™ comprised of?

Therapeutic Coaching™ offers an integrative approach blending psychotherapeutic approaches with a solution-based coaching methodology, to support you in achieving optimum health. Areas that have influenced the model include NLP, hypnotherapy, developmental psychology, life coaching, EFT and mindfulness training.

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