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June 6, 2024

Can Trauma Change Your DNA?

Have you ever wondered what the role of genetics is in fatigue-related conditions? Do certain genetics predetermine that you will develop a condition such as ME/CFS?

In this week's video, our Clinical Director Jess Thompson explores this and more.

As Jess explains, genetics play an important role. And, there is some very hopeful news—you see, having certain genes doesn’t determine your life, there is much more at play.

Unlike traits such as hair color or height, epigenetics are inheritable features that you can influence.

In fact, you have the power to alter your epigenetics and switch certain genes on or off through simple diet and lifestyle changes, giving you the opportunity to overcome illnesses that ancestral trauma may have predisposed you to.

In this week’s video, Jess will take you through a real-life example of how the stress endured by a country-wide famine impacted multiple generations, how epigenetics can impact your nervous system and ways you can alter your epigenome.

To explore how making changes to your mind and body can alter your epigenetics, and how we can support you on your healing journey, book a free Discovery Call with us today.

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