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Kirsty Cullen

Chief Executive

Kirsty worked within the executive recruitment industry for 10 years, operating at senior management level. Her interest in nutrition began as a consequence of health issues experienced by her own daughter. Having investigated ways in which to support her daughter’s health, Kirsty was inspired by the improvement in her daughter’s condition following the application of nutritional therapy principles and dietary change. This proved to be a turning point both personally and professionally, and Kirsty made the decision to pursue a career in nutrition, later graduating from BCNH – UK College of Nutrition and Health with Distinction.
Following graduation, Kirsty embraced a number of different and exciting career opportunities through the establishment of her own nutrition clinic, which encompassed working within the corporate wellness sector and also undertaking a number of nutrition roles within the professional sports arena. This included working as a Nutritional Therapist at St George’s Park National Football Centre and also for the League Managers Association, assessing and advising football managers and elite athletes on health and nutrition. Kirsty also worked as Lead Nutritional Therapist at Derby County Football Club, establishing an umbrella nutrition strategy for the club, in addition to providing one-to-one nutrition and health advice for all players from the first team through to academy players.
Kirsty joined the team at The Optimum Health Clinic in 2011 working within the nutrition support team initially, followed by a role within the practitioner team and then subsequently as Director of Nutrition for the clinic. Having witnessed her own mother’s acute struggles with ME/CFS, Kirsty has always had a particularly strong personal interest in complex, chronic health concerns and advocating for those clients who feel either misunderstood or frustrated. She strongly believes in empowering her clients; firstly by equipping them with an improved understanding of their own biochemistry and personal health requirements, and then by supporting them on the roadmap to improved health and self-advocacy.

Our Team

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