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Ana Bárbara Pereira

BSc(Hons) Nuclear Medicine, IHDip, Dip.Clin.Hyp.NLP.Coach

Ana Bárbara’s interest in integrative health and psychology began while dealing with her own chronic illness. Having spent most of her career working in imaging settings for the NHS and research, she realised that the constant state of stress she was under was hindering her healing. With disappointment in the support provided by the conventional medical system, she started exploring alternative routes for healing on her own.

Her journey then begun by exploring her own thinking patterns that perpetuated the stress state and by learning about different holistic approaches to mind-body wellness. With the inspiration received from the practitioners that helped her in this challenging phase of life, Ana retrained as a Therapeutic Coach with the OHC and did her Master’s level 7 diploma in Integrative Health with the National Centre for Integrative Medicine.

Alongside with her qualifications, Ana brings her own experience in dealing with her own chronic illness and in helping patients navigating challenges of attending hospital appointments for their conditions (e.g. procedural anxiety). Ana is passionate about sharing the healing word and teaching people strategies they can employ to reach better life balance that is sustainable over time.

Our Team

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Ana Bárbara Pereira

Ana Bárbara’s interest in integrative health and psychology began while dealing with her own chronic illness...

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