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Would You Like to Book One-On-One Therapeutic Coaching Support?

The Therapeutic Coaching™️ for RESET graduates package may be a good fit for you if:

  • You feel you would benefit from 1:1 support to implement the tools and techniques shared in the RESET program as they relate to your situation

  • You need more support with a specific health concern such as anxiety, trauma, insomnia or fatigue

  • You feel lacking in motivation and would like the guidance of a trained Therapeutic Coach to help you get back on track

What does the package include?

One-to-one coaching sessions

4.5 hours of One-On-One Therapeutic Coaching™️ Sessions

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Alex Howard RESET Program

3 x 60 minute monthly LIVE webinars with Alex Howard

Single payment
Monthly instalments
4 x £145
£580 in total
To find out if these sessions might be a good fit for you, arrange a free Discovery Call with one of our team

Begin Your Journey

Discover the best path for you

Step 1

Get Your Free Information Pack

Receive a pack that includes...

A 32-page booklet explaining the history of the OHC, our understanding of this complex group of illnesses, our frameworks and protocols, and more

A 75-minute documentary featuring 3 inspirational stories and interviews with the clinic team

Step 2

Book Your Free Discovery Call

Speak to one of the team and...

Get your personal questions about the OHC answered and discuss which path might work best for you

Understand how we might be able to support you and your needs

Hear more about our frameworks and protocols

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to have completed the RESET Program?

No, you don’t.  But, these sessions are only available to people who have purchased and are working through the RESET Program. They are particularly helpful for those who are struggling on their own and feel they would benefit additional one-on-one guidance.

How are sessions delivered?

All sessions are online using Zoom video.

Can I pay instalments?

Yes, you can choose to make the payment across 4 instalments of £145 which will come to a total of £580.

Who are sessions with?

Sessions are all with practitioners from The Optimum Health Clinic psychology team who work closely with Alex and are trained in-depth in the RESET Program™️ approach.