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March 22, 2024

The Link Between Stress and Chronic Illness

Are you feeling stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed? It’s natural to be concerned about how these pressures impact your health. While stress isn’t always bad and is a normal part of life, protecting ourselves from its potential long-term effects is essential.

In this video, Kirsty Cullen, a registered nutritional therapist at the OHC, delves into the effects of stress on our bodies. Learn the key nutrients that can help restore balance and optimum health by addressing stress and supporting all body systems.

When our nervous system becomes overloaded, our body’s stress response, designed to keep us safe when we’re under immediate threat, becomes stuck in the ‘on’ mode. At the OHC, we call this the maladaptive stress response, and it impacts your physical health and can cause fatigue, sleep, and digestive issues. It also affects our emotional body, causing disorders like anxiety and depression.

When there is a real threat of danger (whether physical or emotional) in our environment, the body is prepared to respond to or escape from it. Stress is a series of changes triggered by the brain to prepare the body to face that perceived threat.

However, the problem is that when we spend too much time being activated when there’s no real danger, or there’s a real danger, but there’s too much of it, that stress response becomes maladaptive.

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