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July 25, 2023

10 Minute Guided Meditation For Trauma Healing

Welcome to this ten-minute guided meditation for trauma healing.

Significant loads or events that haven't been digested and processed get stored in the body and come out in various ways. How you feel or don't feel and how you respond to your feelings and emotions determines how these things are held in your body. Deep healing happens when we process the emotions that are trapped in our bodies. But to support deep emotional healing, we first must build inner safety. Establishing inner safety requires practising self-care, self-compassion, and setting healthy boundaries.

This guided meditation is designed to build a safe and nurturing space for those seeking to heal from trauma. Whether you've experienced a recent event or are working through past wounds, this meditation aims to support your journey towards healing and inner peace.

During this 10-minute guided meditation, I will lead you through calming visualisations, breathwork, and mindfulness techniques to promote relaxation and self-awareness. I encourage you to approach any feelings or memories that arise with kindness and allow healing to take place at your own pace.

Together, let's cultivate an environment of support, understanding, and growth as we navigate the path towards healing.

Disclaimer: This guided meditation is not intended to replace professional therapeutic work but can be used as a complementary practice in your healing journey. It is important to honour your emotions and take breaks if needed during the meditation.

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