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My name is John Baker, I am 83 years old, ex-service, and worked in tenpin bowling on leaving. 17th Oct 2010, was the day I got ready for golf, and as I was getting nearer to leaving home, I was feeling more and more tired, until I realised that I would not be playing golf that day, in fact, I would take to my bed, and be there, for the most part, for six weeks. Diagnosed as a Virus. I seemed to recover, and was back to regularly playing golf, and continued with my part time job, 2 days a week. In February I did a week’s golf in Spain, seemingly cured. Only to spend another six weeks off, from early March. Eventually I had to give up the job, and curtail my golf, sometimes not even managing 9 holes. Not played now for nearly two years. All the blood tests came back showing no cause for the way I was feeling.

I looked at various ways to try to determine what was wrong. Overnight at the Sleep Apnoea clinic, Echo cardio scan, CT scan, all came up fine. We found out about The Perrin Technique, incorporating daily massage to help the Lymphatic system drain properly. Hair Mineral Analysis, which showed up anomalies, some up some down. Various supplements were prescribed, to level things up.

Both had positives, but not the whole picture.

My days were very much up and down, feeling good on some days, but feeling very rough on other days. Extreme tiredness and brain fog, a feeling that I had been slipped some sort of narcotic drug. Lots of whole days in bed. We got in to some sort of routine, where we would take the opportunity to go out when I felt fairly good, most times there was a sting in the tail, and I’d be laid up for a day or so. We soon realised not to plan ahead, to avoid disappointment. During this period, I estimate I was running on an average of 50%, most of the time. It was then, that I turned to the OHC. After having a chat with Sara Jackson, and providing specific blood test results, on her advice, I started taking Nutritional supplements, 28th May 2019. More blood tests about 3 months later, and another chat, adjusting my diet and the supplements accordingly. Since then I have been slowly improving, with a few minor setbacks, and at present, I feel I am on just about 70%. With more enthusiasm and wanting to get back to playing golf. Only restricted with the current pandemic, which hopefully we’ll get through unscathed.

Here we are now in the present, clear of fog, and getting on with things that were out of my depth a few months ago, even digging a bit, with enthusiasm.  I had some minor kickbacks, but overall, in a good place. Thank you for all your input, I’m sure that without it I wouldn’t be where I am today.

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