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I first became involved with Alex Howard’s Optimum Health Clinic 3 years ago. I was then almost totally housebound and had severe cognitive impairment. For 2 years I had phone consultations with the nutritionist and made slow but steady progress. I was no longer housebound and my brain function had improved. However I was still pacing vigorously, resting 2 hourly.From the clinic website I heard of many inspirational stories, although initially sceptical I decided to get involved with the psychological side of the clinic. The clinic uses a combination of techniques influenced by The Lightning process, Reverse Therapy, N.L.P. and Hypnosis. In March 09 I enrolled on “the 90 Day Programme”. This involved attending a 2 and 1/2 day London course, follow-up during the following 90 days with conference calls with the group and one to one phone calls with one of the clinic psychology practitioners Anna.We were first given an overview of how the clinic sees the group of illnesses it works with, and how although not recognising it we are often in a state of chronic stress. We were given techniques of calming the mind down and changing our way of thinking and so getting the body into a healing state. These were:

  1. The Stop Process (not possible to briefly explain and needs to be taught on a one to one basis.)
  2. E.F.T. Emotional Freedom Therapy (to find out more go to website of founder Gary Craig)
  3. Our body’s intelligence (understanding emotions and physical symptoms)

There were 6 of us in my group with varying severity (working almost full time to like me resting every couple of hours) We had 3 clinic staff, Anna the psychology practitioner and two trainee practitioners all of whom had their own healing journeys. Four of the six of my group are still in touch and we have all made very significant improvements and have supported each other throughout the past year. The techniques learned on the course take time, patience and perseverance but they provide a very valuable tool for dealing with most symptoms. Previously rest was the only option for “a bad day” now I have a variety of tools to use and at last have been able to stop the rigorous pacing and get back to doing many things I had not done for 15 years! It is really down to me to put what I have learned into practice and I believe it does work if you put in the effort.The main difference between the approach of Alex Howard and his team and other treatments has been the very broad holistic approach, the individual tailored treatments and ongoing support. Although follow up on both the nutritional and psychological side is an investment, as time has gone on I have needed minimal contact with the therapists.

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