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Thank you for visiting this page. My name is Alex Howard, and I’m founder of The Optimum Health Clinic in London, one of the world’s leading clinics specialising in fatigue-related conditions.

Having supported thousands of clients with fatigue-related illness in over 50 countries, the clinic is recognized for its innovative approach of systematically researching and testing different approaches, and integrating them together in the most effective way.  With many of the team having had personal experience of ME/CFS, the clinic is also well known for its caring and empathic approach. We take a genuinely integrative view of treatment, combining all of the latest and most effective treatments and for this reason have been featured as an example of outstanding practice The Parliamentary Review’s healthcare edition, and we have won one of the UK’s biggest industry awards – CAM Magazine’s “Outstanding Practice Award” sponsored by Biocare.

I should also mention that I myself suffered from severe M.E. symptoms for over seven years, and was virtually bedbound for two years. My story was actually published in 2003 in my first book, “WHY ME? My Journey from M.E. to Health and Happiness.” On my journey of recovery – one of the hardest things was getting access to high quality information about what was really happening to me and what I could actually do to get my life back. This was one of the key factors in driving me to set up the clinic to help others.

The clinic team has twelve specialist practitioners and our active research team have had scientific papers published in the “Journal of Integral Theory and Practice,” “Psychology and Health” and “The Nutrition Practitioner.” In November 2012 we had a landmark study published in the “British Medical Journal Open” that found statistically significant improvement in all treatment groups at three months.  We are currently have NHS ethics approval to execute a randomised controlled trial, which we are exploring further.

Many of the clinic team have also recovered themselves from ME, CFS and Post Viral Fatigue (which gives us a lot of personal experience with the condition) and having now supported so many thousands of clients, we’ve been able to pull together what is considered by many to be the most integrative model available of this complex group of illnesses. We have published it in this free report for you to download: “OHC and ME Solving the Puzzle.”

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Established in 2004, The Optimum Health Clinic (OHC) is an award winning clinic specialising in fatigue conditions such as ME, CFS and Fibromyalgia, with patients in over 50 countries, including UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. In 2012 a landmark study was published in the British Medical Journal Open which demonstrated statistically significant improvement with the OHC approach, and a randomised controlled trial was recently granted NHS ethics approval.

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In this report you will learn:
  • Why M.E. is a very real physical illness, but one that baffles so many medical experts
  • The different causative factors and sub-types in ME and CFS
  • The reason why most traditional doctors, along with many “general practice” nutritionists and complementary therapists get very limited results with M.E.
  • Why many people doing apparently “miracle cure” treatments such as The Lightning Process tend to relapse
  • What treatments have ultimately been found to work, and how you may be able to begin to benefit from them
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What Patients Have to Say

“When I was diagnosed with ME Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, the doctors said I just had to live with it. They were wrong. With specialist help I recovered. If I can, more can.”

Claire JonesConcert Harpist

“I am impressed with how dedicated the OHC team is to improving awareness, treatment and availability of this approach to the wider public. I have found my entire experience professional, compassionate and rewarding.”

Karen BurnsSports Enthusiast

“After 10 years as a trustee of Action for ME, and after struggling to get clarity when I wrote a book on ME in the late nineties, I just wish that the thorough and integrated approach at The Optimum Health Clinic had been available then.”

Gill Jacobs

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