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A Discovery Call is the best way to get your personal questions answered about how The Optimum Health Clinic might be able to support you and to discuss your possible way forward with the clinic; either with psychology, nutrition or ideally both. Our Discovery Calls are most definitely not a sales call  – they are simply an opportunity to get your personal questions answered, and essentially, to explore how our approaches may be of benefit to you.

Please fill in the form below (only short answers required) and one of our New Client Co-ordinators will contact you as soon as possible. They will take further notes and a brief case history and are able to answer any queries you have on The Optimum Health Clinic and how we work. The information you enter below  is strictly confidential, but helps us understand where you are with your condition.

If you would prefer to not fill in the below form and just e-mail us, please e-mail [email protected], or alternatively call us on 033 3322 6688

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