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Should I start with Psychology or Nutrition?

Alex discusses this popular topic and the various factors which can influence what is right for each individual.   To find out more about psychology and nutrition at The Optimum Health Clinic, please click here

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The body heals itself

Alex talks about how the body can be a self healing mechanism when given the opportunity and right support to do so. To find out more about psychology at The Optimum Health Clinic, please click here

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We’re constantly working to reduce the stress on the body

In this video, Helen Lynam, Director of Nutrition, outlines some initial guidelines that the Nutrition team use to lower the stress levels upon the body. To find out more about nutrition at The Optimum Health Clinic, please click here  

Alex Howard’s recovery story…

In this video Alex shares the story of his own recovery from ME/CFS and the story behind The Optimum Health Clinic.  Click on the video below.

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Environmental tiredness in ME/CFS

In this video Alex explores “environmental tiredness,” what it is, and what we can do to change it.  If you find yourself feeling stale and flat in your environment, or that sometimes you can get an energy boost by changing what you are doing, this video will be particularly useful.  Click on the video below.   […]

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Emotional pain as physical pain in ME/CFS

Physical pain can be a challenging symptom on the path to recovery from ME/CFS.  In this weeks video, Alex explores how sometimes physical pain can be related to emotional pain which needs attention and care to help process. Click on the video below to watch  

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Captain the ship of your own recovery

As tempting as it can be on the recovery path to look to abdicate responsibility to the “experts,” a key ingredient of the OHC approach is the collaboration between practitioners and the patient, and ultimately the patient learning to be the captain of the ship of their own recovery.  In this weeks video newsletter, Alex […]

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The Body Heals Itself

Battling with our body to find a way to make it heal from ME/CFS can be extremely frustrating, and it is easy to forget the remarkable capacity our body has for its own healing.  In the video below, Alex explores the potential within all of us for health and healing.