Alex Exercise
Exercise is a conversation not a lecture in ME/CFS recovery.

In this short video Alex talks about introducing exercise into your recovery path and when this might be appropriate. One of the key points that Alex makes to treat exercise as a dialogue with your body rather than something to push through regardless. Click on the video below to view more.

Alex Rest rather than push
Taking a rest on your recovery path

This video explores the challenge and discipline of taking rest on the recovery path.  In fact, Alex makes the point that actually resting takes more strength than pushing through.  If you have a tendency to not listen to your body and rest when needed, this video will be particularly helpful.

Alex 90DP
Why do we teach the 90 Day Programme in a group format?

The 90 Day Programme is the OHC’s flagship psychology programme, and a very powerful way to immerse yourself in the clinic’s psychology approach in a supportive and empowering way.  You can find out more about The 90 Day Programme here

David STR
Secrets to Recovery Live – David Butcher Part 1 & 2

Part 1 Alex Howard interviews OHC Chairman David Butcher,  exploring his recovery from ME/CFS and OHC’s latest research plans. Part 2 Having had so much wonderful feedback on the recent session with OHC Chairman, David Butcher, and his recovery story, we decided to do a follow up session – specifically to answer your questions!

Alex Case for Support
OHC Announces Randomised Controlled Trial with University of Surrey

We are extremely proud and excited to be announcing a 3 year collaboration with University of Surrey to complete a Randomised Controlled Trial (the gold standard of research) investigating the OHC approach treating ME/CFS.  To find out more about the study, and the related fundraising campaign, click play on the below video with OHC Founder […]

Alex meditation
Is Meditation Enough to Calm the Nervous System?

This week we are excited to share the first in a series of new Q and A videos with Alex, exploring various questions that have been submitted by patients.  The first question is, “Is meditation enough to calm the nervous system?”  You can watch Alex’s answer to this question below.

Katherine Mountford
Secrets to Recovery LIVE – Katherine Mountford

On Secrets to Recovery Live in April, Alex talked with Katherine Mountford, a former patient with The Optimum Health Clinic.  Katherine suffered with ME/CFS for 3 years which resulted in having to give up work and move back in with her parents.  Now fully recovered, Katherine works as a personal trainer and talked with Alex […]

Classical concert supporting OHC

Welcome to this week’s blog. This week we are very proud to announce that former OHC patient Claire Jones will be donating all proceeds from a concert in London on March 5th. Claire was the royal harpist for several years, including playing at the royal wedding, before developing ME/CFS. Having recently recovered, Claire has focused […]

David Bowerman
Secrets to Recovery LIVE Episode 5

Welcome to this week’s blog. Firstly, just a reminder that the initial deadline for scholarship applications for the psychology practitioner course is this coming Monday 1st December. You can watch videos with previous students (including Alison from the “Freedom From ME” DVD), read about “Training whilst recovering from ME,” and get all the information on […]

Natasha Todd
Secrets to Recovery LIVE Episode 4 Replay

Welcome to this week’s blog. For those of you that missed Secrets to Recovery LIVE last week, we are pleased to share the recordings. There are three separate videos: 1. The full 45 minute session including both Natasha Todd’s recovery story and the research update from OHC Trustee Ian Hatton:   2. Natasha Todd’s […]