The Optimum Health Clinic’s Vision

Alex, Glynn, Tanya and Anna at a strategic planning session

From its inception, The Optimum Health Clinic (OHC) has been driven by its belief that healing from ME/CFS is possible.  With over half of the team having themselves recovered from ME/CFS, and all of the trustees having personal experience, OHC is very much an organisation run for those with ME/CFS, but those who have been affected by ME/CFS.

OHC’s mission statement is:

To develop a world leading evidence based integrative medicine approach for ME/CFS, and to make it available to all.

This is achieved by:

  • A commitment to CANI (Constant and Never-ending Improvement) in every part of the company, from protocols and treatments, to admin and company systems
  • Seeking out the very best practitioners available (it’s not unusual to have over 100 applications for one practitioner role) and providing them with cutting edge training in our world leading protocols.  Practitioner teams also regularly do detailed analysis of patient case studies (and so when working with one practitioner, you actually have the input of the whole team) to ongoingly benefit from their shared knowledge and experience
  • Conducting scientifically robust research (such as the landmark study published in the BMJ Open in 2012) and establishing the evidence base for the OHC approach
  • Creating easily affordable and highly accessible online resources such as which has over 100 hours of video and audio based resources
  • Helping patients to benefit from each others experiences, through encouraging patients to join the clinic’s free social networking site (think of it like a Facebook for those on a recovery path)
  • Working towards alternative funding options being available, from private health insurance, to potentially in the future NHS funding.


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