The Optimum Health Clinic Foundation

The Optimum Health Clinic Foundation (TOHCF) was founded in 2008. Its main objective is to invest in research projects that support the people suffering from fatigue and related conditions such as pain, anxiety and sleep.  

TOHCF believes there is a lack of research focused solely on supporting those suffering with the impacts of fatigue and related conditions. It has therefore established grant funding applicable to MSC and PhD students whose research projects focused on this specialised area. Our hope is that by helping to fund more research in this area it will enable more awareness, treatment and preventive opportunities for those in the fatigue community.

For each academic year, we will be offering 5-8 grants between £3-5K (no more than £25k per year in total) to support MSc and PhD research projects solely focused on fatigue and related conditions such as pain, anxiety and sleep. Candidates must demonstrate a strong personal commitment and a sincere and credible research study proposal within this field. Each application will be reviewed by TOHCF Board.

How to apply: applicants are required to send an application limited to one page summarising:

  • Previous academic achievements
  • The research proposal
  • How the grant will assist them
  • How the study aligns with the Foundation’s objectives. 

A reference of support from the applicant’s University Supervisor will also need to be submitted. Please send all applications  to [email protected]