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Secrets to Recovery LIVE Episode 4 Replay

Welcome to this week’s blog. For those of you that missed Secrets to Recovery LIVE last week, we are pleased to share the recordings. There are three separate videos: 1. The full 45 minute session including both Natasha Todd’s recovery story and the research update from OHC Trustee Ian Hatton: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-QFHDZ9KUI   2. Natasha Todd’s […]

What is the difference between ME and depression?

Welcome to this week’s blog.  This week we are excited to be launching a new series of videos with the clinic team answering your questions! To get started, we have three short videos with Alex, answering the questions: What is the difference between ME/CFS and depression? Is it possible to make a full recovery from […]

Secrets to Recovery LIVE July 2014

Welcome to this week’s blog. We are excited this week to be letting you know about the second Secrets to Recovery LIVE which will be broadcasting at 6pm on Monday 28th July for 45 minutes at: www.SecretsToRecovery.com/live (please note you will not see anything in the video on this screen until 6pm when we start […]

Feeling stuck on the recovery path?

For this week’s blog, we have the last of the Q and A sessions recorded for Secrets to Recovery members, this time exploring “feeling stuck on the recovery path.” The video is free to view for the next month, so please do watch it below. [From 2014] Welcome to this week’s blog. Firstly, thank you […]

Achiever and helper patterns on the recovery path

We are pleased this week to be sharing with you the third in the series of Secrets to Recovery Q and A sessions with Alex.  This session explores members’ questions around the psychology subtypes, especially the achiever and helper.  As with the previous sessions, this video will only be available for a month, so please […]

Pacing and daily routines

Welcome to this week’s blog. We are very pleased to share that James Sawyer completed the Paris marathon several weeks ago, raising so far around £1500 for the Foundation. His time was an extraordinary 2 hours 58 minutes, and there are a few pictures below (apologies for the poor quality). If you know anything about […]

Recovery is rarely a straight line…

Happy New Year and we do hope you had a good Christmas period. We are very excited this year at The Optimum Health Clinic, with a number of new ventures to share in the coming months, including publicly launching our fundraising for our randomised controlled trial, and plans for an OHC monthly live internet TV […]

Happy Christmas from The Optimum Health Clinic

We hope you are enjoying the run up to Christmas and New Year. It can be a challenging period sometimes for those affected by ME/CFS, so we wanted to share an inspirational story with you. You may be aware that Jess from our psychology team is currently swimming the length of the English Channel (in […]

Online psychology training

Welcome to this week’s blog. We are getting very excited here at The Optimum Health Clinic in anticipation of the launch of our fundraising campaign at the House of Lords on 5th November. More details on this soon! This week, we are also pleased to be re-launching Alex Howard’s online practitioner training programme “The Ultimate […]

Migraines in ME/CFS

We are very excited this week to be launching the first in a brand new series of videos with the OHC team. The first video is with Helen Lynam from our nutrition team, exploring the area of migraines in ME/CFS.  You can view the video below. We are also producing a series of videos with […]