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Nutrition and ME/CFS – Why Understanding Reactions to Supplements is so Critical

We are so pleased to be hearing such wonderful feedback on this video series.  In this second to last video, Alex is talking about The Optimum Health Clinic’s nutrition department, and specifically some recent breakthroughs in understanding why people react to supplements and why being able to work with these is so important.  You can […]

Case Study by Niki Gratrix

Case Study by Niki Gratrix Director of Nutrition The Optimum Health Clinic 17th December 2008 University of Bedfordshire Aims and Objectives The aim of this case sudy is to analyse the effectiveness of natural dietary and supplement therapy prescribed by a licenced nutritional therapist for the treatment of a patient diagnosed with with Chronic Fatigue […]

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Diet for Food Intolerances

A chronic fatigue diet must deal with with allergies, since most people who have chronic fatigue suffer with allergies. A person has an allergy when their immune system over-reacts to a substance that is not normally harmful. Allergies can be tested by a doctor, and are less common than intolerances. People are usually born with […]

Prebiotics: Essential Supplements for Chronic Fatigue

Pre-biotics are vital supplements for chronic fatigue. They are a type of fiber that protects the body against food all sorts of diseases, including food poisoning, intestinal and colon problems. Pre-biotics feed the good bacteria in our gut, so they promote our health and wellbeing. They also ensure that we are able to defend against […]

Diagnosing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Metabolic Typing

Metabolic Typing is an amazing tool for the diagnosing chronic fatigue process. It answers the questions of why a supplement works for one person and doesn’t do anything for someone else with the same symptoms and why one diet transforms the life of one person and makes another person feel ill. Finding the right diet […]