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The role of psycho-social factors in ME, CFS and Fibromyalgia

Welcome to this week’s video blog.  Thank you for all of your ongoing feedback on Secrets to Recovery, it really does mean a lot.  We are already planning some additional new content for V2.1, which all those who have already signed up will have free access to (along with all future updates!).  We now have […]

Secrets to Recovery is very nearly ready!

This is your advance warning that we are very nearly there, the brand new Secrets to Recovery is launching within the next week!  Thank you to everyone that has helped us to create what we believe is the best project we have ever launched… Apart from moving over to video sessions with The Optimum Health […]

How our emotions affect us: A biochemical perspective

Welcome to this week’s video blog.  Our video this week is with Alex, and Julia from The Optimum Health Clinic’s nutrition team, discussing the biochemistry of how our emotions affect us physically.  This is a fascinating insight into the relationship between our emotions and our body, and put in relatively simple terms.  You can see […]

Secrets to Recovery: Finding Spiritual Meaning in M.E.

Next Secrets to Recovery call: August 24th 2010 7pm – Finding Spiritual Meaning in M.E. Alex talks with special guest Fiona Agombar, best selling author of “Beat Fatigue with Yoga” and “Endless Energy” about how recovery from M.E. can be used as a powerful opportunity for spiritual transformation and opening. Alex and Fiona discuss their own […]

Secrets to Recovery: EFT and the Palace of Possibilities

During this call Alex talked with Ashley Meyer about the powerful and inspiring EFT technique known as “The Palace of Possibilities.” This is the latest in a highly popular series of EFT calls on Secrets to Recovery, and Alex and Ashley discussed the impact of our “inner-talk” on our recovery, why working with affirmations in […]

Secrets to Recovery: Call for Carers

Next Secrets to Recovery meeting: December 15th 2009 , 7pm Due to a number of requests, this call is specifically designed for those “caring” for someone with M.E. This ranges from friends and family, to partners and professional carers. If you are caring for yourself, the content of this call will also be key in […]

Secrets to Recovery: The Inner Child

Next Secrets to Recovery meeting: December 1st 2009, 7pm During this call Alex will be talking about the Inner Child. The Inner Child is the childlike part inside all of us through which we have access to our creativity, playfulness, ability to be in the moment and really enjoy the process of life.  Ignoring and […]