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OHC Live 87 – Paulie’s recovery story

Paulie from the Netherlands shares her story and recovery journey through ME/CFS. Beginning as a teenager, Paulie suffered from anxiety, IBS and severe fatigue, which fluctuated for a few years before steadily becoming worse. A friend had told her about The Optimum Health Clinic when Paulie could no longer stand unassisted, and she began her […]

OHC Live Ep 014 – Being inspired for recovery

What we need when the going is challenging and difficult, is support, inspiration, and motivation – and there are few situations as challenging as living with ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia. Alex discusses various ways of cultivating inspiration with the help of practitioners or self-inspired resources. Watch The Secrets to Recovery Movie at http://www.secretstorecovery.com/movie/ See the full […]

The problem with miracle recovery stories

The video below explores the area of why ‘miracle’ recovery stories inspire but can also be a source of slowing ones progress down. Alex explains what the difference is between a ‘miracle’ recovery and a sustainable recovery.  Here at the OHC we take the view that recovery is a process made up of many smaller steps that go towards achieving […]

Secrets to Recovery LIVE Episode 4 Replay

Welcome to this week’s blog. For those of you that missed Secrets to Recovery LIVE last week, we are pleased to share the recordings. There are three separate videos: 1. The full 45 minute session including both Natasha Todd’s recovery story and the research update from OHC Trustee Ian Hatton: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-QFHDZ9KUI   2. Natasha Todd’s […]

Determination on the recovery path

Welcome to this week’s blog.  We are pleased to be sharing the latest chapter in our serialisation of the Secrets to Recovery book.  This chapter is with Sarah, and explores the themes of determination and persistence on the recovery path.  Given the complexities and challenges of recovering from ME/CFS, these qualities can be particularly important, […]

Secrets to Recovery: Joy’s story

Welcome to this week’s blog.  Thank so much for all of the wonderful feedback we have received about the announcement we made last week on the bio-medical study we are funding through our registered charity.  The link ended up going slightly viral on Facebook (that is a good thing for those of you not well […]

Alex recovery story

Firstly, Alex would like to thank everyone for their kind and thoughtful e-mails in advance of his wedding last Saturday.  It was a truly magical day and we hope to have some photos in next week’s blog! Secondly, we have had a wonderful response to the launch of Secrets to Recovery V3.0.  We only have […]

Secrets to Recovery V3.0 is now LIVE!

So, this is it… Secrets to Recovery V3.0 is now LIVE!  This might sound a bit over the top, but this really is the most important programme we have ever made available.  It has all of the content from Secrets to Recovery V1.0 and V2.0, plus a bunch of exciting brand new content for V3.0! […]

Secrets to Recovery V3.0 coming very soon!

You might have noticed we have been rather quiet on the blog front over the past couple of weeks, and this is for a very good reason! We’ve been mega busy behind closed doors working on Secrets to Recovery V3.0, which is the brand new version of our world leading online resource for those with […]

Secrets to Recovery and help with charity

For those of you not currently part of Secrets to Recovery, we thought you might like to know that due to a number of requests, we have ordered a small further supply of MP3 players (less than 100 currently available). For those not already part of www.SecretsToRecovery.com we strongly urge you to investigate more now. […]