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OHC Live Ep 002 – Cultivating positive habits

OHC Live Ep 002 Cultivating positive habits for ME, CFS and Fibromyalgia recovery In this Facebook Live recording CEO Alex Howard discusses cultivating positive habits to help on the ME, CFS and Fibromyalgia recovery path. Alex reviews the ideas of conscious incompetence, unconscious competence, developing helpful routines, understanding your limits, and finding your boundaries.  Building […]

Emotional pain as physical pain in ME/CFS

Physical pain can be a challenging symptom on the path to recovery from ME/CFS.  In this weeks video, Alex explores how sometimes physical pain can be related to emotional pain which needs attention and care to help process. Click on the video below to watch  

Secrets to Recovery LIVE Episode 4 Replay

Welcome to this week’s blog. For those of you that missed Secrets to Recovery LIVE last week, we are pleased to share the recordings. There are three separate videos: 1. The full 45 minute session including both Natasha Todd’s recovery story and the research update from OHC Trustee Ian Hatton: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-QFHDZ9KUI   2. Natasha Todd’s […]

How to get the most out of sessions

Welcome to this week’s blog. We are very excited to be announcing the next Secrets to Recovery LIVE on Monday 8th September at 6-6:45. This week’s guests are Sue Hughes sharing her recovery story, and Jess Thompson from the psychology team talking about the 3 stages of recovery. Jess Thompson: Stages of Recovery Jess, Director […]

Pacing and daily routines

Welcome to this week’s blog. We are very pleased to share that James Sawyer completed the Paris marathon several weeks ago, raising so far around £1500 for the Foundation. His time was an extraordinary 2 hours 58 minutes, and there are a few pictures below (apologies for the poor quality). If you know anything about […]

Deadline for practitioner course scholarship applications

This is just a short post to let you know that Wednesday December 11th is the initial deadline for applications for scholarship places on our practitioner training programme for 2014.  The psychology practitioner course is a powerful way to potentially accelerate the healing path, whilst also opening up exciting career prospects.  Scholarship places result in […]

Biomedical research project launched by OHC Foundation

We have spent the last eight months working on an extremely exciting project through the OHC Foundation, a registered charity set up by Alex Howard and various friends of OHC several years ago.  As virtually everyone reading this will be aware, the lack of a clear biomarker (i.e. a bio-medical test) for ME/CFS is a […]

Update on Simon’s fundraiser and Free Webinar from Alex Howard

We are incredibly proud to announce that Simon Limpus who was motorbiking 1500km across Siberia, unsupported, in temperatures of -40, completed his challenge on Friday. For a former sufferer of ME/CFS this is an amazing achievement, and we are so grateful for the fundraising he has been doing for The Optimum Health Clinic Foundation. Alex […]

Simon is in Siberia and underway!

Welcome to this week’s blog. We are very pleased to let you know that Simon Limpus who is motorbiking 1500km across Siberia for our registered charity, is now underway! This really is an epic challenge for someone that suffered from ME/CFS for many years, and given the temperature is ranging from -40 to -60, it […]

Last chance for Conscious Transformation and update on Simon’s trip to Siberia!

We are extremely excited that Conscious Transformation starts on Monday 6th February!  There are still some places available and Alex has put together a final video on how and why this programme is so relevant for those on a recovery path from ME, CFS and Fibromyalgia.  It’s just a short video, so please do check […]