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Archive of Facebook Live Posts

OHC Live Ep 001 – ME, CFS, and Fibromyalgia recovery goals for 2017… OHC Live Ep 002 – Cultivating positive habits for ME, CFS and Fibromyalgia recovery… OHC Live Ep 003 – Is it possible to make a full recovery from ME, CFS and Fibromyalgia? OHC Live Ep 004 – Sleep and ME/CFS… OHC Live […]

Balance for me now is the most important thing

Ex patient Adam discusses what life is like for him now, the things he does to ensure he lives a sustainable lifestyle, and how he’s always mindful of avoiding falling into the same trips that got him ill initially. To discover more about Nutrition at The Optimum Health Clinic, please click here

The body heals itself

Alex talks about how the body can be a self healing mechanism when given the opportunity and right support to do so. To find out more about psychology at The Optimum Health Clinic, please click here

Emotional pain as physical pain in ME/CFS

Physical pain can be a challenging symptom on the path to recovery from ME/CFS.  In this weeks video, Alex explores how sometimes physical pain can be related to emotional pain which needs attention and care to help process. Click on the video below to watch  

Secrets to Recovery LIVE

Welcome to this week’s newsletter.  This coming Monday 30th June is going to be a big day for The Optimum Health Clinic.  We will be launching Secrets to Recovery LIVE, our free monthly TV show broadcast live through the internet! Guests on the first show include Nikkie Wignall from our psychology team sharing her recovery […]

Achiever and helper patterns on the recovery path

We are pleased this week to be sharing with you the third in the series of Secrets to Recovery Q and A sessions with Alex.  This session explores members’ questions around the psychology subtypes, especially the achiever and helper.  As with the previous sessions, this video will only be available for a month, so please […]

Q and A with Alex on Maladaptive stress response and anxiety

Welcome to this week’s blog. We are pleased this week to be sharing the second of our series of Q and A videos with Alex from Secrets to Recovery. This video explores members of Secrets to Recovery’s questions around the maladaptive stress response and anxiety. The video will only be freely available for several weeks […]

Pacing and daily routines

Welcome to this week’s blog. We are very pleased to share that James Sawyer completed the Paris marathon several weeks ago, raising so far around £1500 for the Foundation. His time was an extraordinary 2 hours 58 minutes, and there are a few pictures below (apologies for the poor quality). If you know anything about […]

ME/CFS Masterclass is Live!

Welcome to this week’s blog. This week we are very pleased to be letting you know that we are launching a new online programme targeted at both practitioners, and those with a good basic knowledge of ME/CFS. ME/CFS Masterclass is an amalgamation of various presentations from experts in ME/CFS from two professional conferences, organised by […]