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Should I start with Psychology or Nutrition?

Alex discusses this popular topic and the various factors which can influence what is right for each individual.   To find out more about psychology and nutrition at The Optimum Health Clinic, please click here

The body heals itself

Alex talks about how the body can be a self healing mechanism when given the opportunity and right support to do so. To find out more about psychology at The Optimum Health Clinic, please click here

Emotional pain as physical pain in ME/CFS

Physical pain can be a challenging symptom on the path to recovery from ME/CFS.  In this weeks video, Alex explores how sometimes physical pain can be related to emotional pain which needs attention and care to help process. Click on the video below to watch  

Exercise is a conversation not a lecture in ME/CFS recovery.

In this short video Alex talks about introducing exercise into your recovery path and when this might be appropriate. One of the key points that Alex makes to treat exercise as a dialogue with your body rather than something to push through regardless. Click on the video below to view more.

Secrets to Recovery LIVE – Katherine M’s recovery story

On Secrets to Recovery Live in April 2014, Alex talked with Katherine Mountford, a former patient with The Optimum Health Clinic.  Katherine suffered with ME/CFS for 3 years which resulted in having to give up work and move back in with her parents.  Now fully recovered, Katherine works as a nutritionist and personal trainer and […]

Secrets to Recovery LIVE Episode 4 Replay

Welcome to this week’s blog. For those of you that missed Secrets to Recovery LIVE last week, we are pleased to share the recordings. There are three separate videos: 1. The full 45 minute session including both Natasha Todd’s recovery story and the research update from OHC Trustee Ian Hatton: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-QFHDZ9KUI   2. Natasha Todd’s […]

Secrets to Recovery Research

Welcome to this week’s blog. We are extremely excited this week for several reasons. Firstly, we have just had a research paper published in “Psychology Research and Behavior Management” investigating our online treatment programme Secrets to Recovery. Although the study only ran for 8 weeks, it found improvements in sleep and perceived control, which in […]

Recording of Secrets to Recovery LIVE

Welcome to this week’s blog. This week we are pleased to share the recording of the second Secrets to Recovery LIVE, broadcast on 28th July. This session included a summary of our patient survey, an inspirational interview with James Sawyer, and Helen Lynam (Director of Nutrition) talking about Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) and ME/CFS. […]

Secrets to Recovery LIVE

Welcome to this week’s newsletter.  This coming Monday 30th June is going to be a big day for The Optimum Health Clinic.  We will be launching Secrets to Recovery LIVE, our free monthly TV show broadcast live through the internet! Guests on the first show include Nikkie Wignall from our psychology team sharing her recovery […]