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OHC Live 40 – The danger of maybe

It can be a real challenge to decide whether to commit to future plans when we’re still working on our recovery from ME CFS or Fibromyalgia. Alex offers some tips about how to handle social commitments when you really don’t know if you’ll be well enough to attend. Sometimes saying “no” to others is really […]

OHC Live Ep 009 – The Achiever Pattern

Identifying when we might be trying too hard to be the perfect patient will help us recognise the achiever pattern and how it might actually hinder our progress. Recovery from ME/CFS requires us to recognise when we’re trying to push instead of stay in a healing state and wait until we have genuine energy to […]

OHC Live Ep 002 – Cultivating positive habits

OHC Live Ep 002 Cultivating positive habits for ME, CFS and Fibromyalgia recovery In this Facebook Live recording CEO Alex Howard discusses cultivating positive habits to help on the ME, CFS and Fibromyalgia recovery path. Alex reviews the ideas of conscious incompetence, unconscious competence, developing helpful routines, understanding your limits, and finding your boundaries.  Building […]

Video Blog: Bouncing the Boundaries

This week’s video blog covers a particularly important issue for many on the recovery path, how to increase your activity level in a sustainable way without overdoing it. Alex also talks about the role of pacing, the different stages of recovery, and how to know when to “bounce the boundaries” of your current activity level. […]