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Meet Nik: 3 Tips for the Achiever

Nik joined the OHC team as a psychology practitioner after his wife recovered from ME/CFS with the help of the 90-day programme. In this video we meet Nik and he shares three basics of understanding the achiever pattern on the healing journey.

OHC Live 30 – Joy and freedom

The recovery path can take so much discipline and organisation that we can sometimes forget that a balanced life includes play, fun, and joy. Alex talks about finding a balance between our Helper/Achiever/Perfection types and our childlike inclinations for enjoyment. Recovering from ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia can feel like serious business, and remembering to introduce playful […]

Balance for me now is the most important thing

Ex patient Adam discusses what life is like for him now, the things he does to ensure he lives a sustainable lifestyle, and how he’s always mindful of avoiding falling into the same trips that got him ill initially. To discover more about Nutrition at The Optimum Health Clinic, please click here