Support Team

Grace Allen – PA to Alex Howard

Grace joined the OHC in January 2012 to assist the Accounts department alongside her Management Accounts studies.  She also acts as Personal Assistant to Alex Howard, having the opportunity to be involved in the diverse projects he manages as a part of The Optimum Health Clinic and beyond. A keen runner, when she is not training for her next race she enjoys her most important responsibility to date, as mother to her two sons.


TTowers2smallTaru Towers – New Patient Co-ordinator

Tarus’ first career was in the film and arts sector before she retrained in nutritional therapy at the University of Westminster. Her training in nutrition was based on holistic functional medicine principles, which make much sense to her both personally and clinically. An avid believer in the potent interaction between the physical and psychological, Taru is excited to join the clinic’s skilful team as a new patient coordinator.


johanna-cluffJohanne Cluff – New Patient Co-ordinator

Having suffered with ME/CFS for many years, Johanne became determined to find a way back to good health.  On her road to recovery she gained a deep interest in hypothyroidism, and published Dr Durrant-Peatfield’s book The Great Thyroid Scandal.  She is currently studying for a Diploma in Nutritional Therapy at BCNH College of Nutrition and Health.  Johanne is passionate about helping people find their way back to a healthy happy life, and brings that passion to her role as one of the New Patient Co-ordinators at the OHC.


Sarah B Portrait

Sarah Benjamins – Nutrition Support

Sarah grew up in a food conscious environment. She spent her childhood with a grandmother who had trained in domestic science and been an army cook, a pacifist grandmother who was a ‘pollo-vegetarian’, and a working mother who believed in the value of freshly prepared unprocessed food. Sarah also witnessed the physical and behavioural effects of food sensitivities in her younger brother, which dramatically demonstrated to her the potential power of what we put in our bodies.

Sarah’s fascination in the interaction between humans and their environment initially led her to study for a degree in Environmental Biology at Manchester University, and then on to study urban planning and regeneration in Liverpool, which became her first career. She began to have health problems in her thirties during a sustained stressful period at work, and sought help from a Nutritional Therapist. Impressed at the transformative effect of adjusting to the right foods and lifestyle for her, Sarah developed an appetite for understanding those mechanisms from a scientific perspective. This became the catalyst for her achieving a Masters degree in Nutritional Therapy at CNELM (Middlesex University).

As Sarah has her own experience of chronic, unexplained, and invisible illness, with fatigue and pain as the most debilitating factors, she finds it immensely rewarding to be working with the Nutritional Therapists at OHC in supporting people with CFS/ME. Alongside this work and her family, Sarah is currently undertaking the clinical training required to become a BANT registered Nutritional Therapist.


Bebe Kohlap – Practice Manager

Bebe entered into nutrition quite unexpectedly when she went to an open day at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition, just to find out what they did and, to her surprise, left enrolled on a 3 year diploma course. Following the course she became a tutor and also ran a branch of the Optimum Nutrition Company, which sold various companies’ supplements to students and patients of nutritionists. She then went on to work for one of the UK’s leading health writers, managing his events and website. She joins the clinic team as the Practice Manager.


Hattie Kiamil – Admin Assistant

Hattie’s interest in well-being began in 1994 after she took the RSA Exercise to Music  Aerobics Instructor course. After qualifying she worked in several health clubs, her highlight was when she was offered the opportunity in providing aerobic exercise classes for pupils in several schools.

Later came a career change in joining a lifestyle/property publishers as a sales executive. Hattie’s highlight was when she was promoted to Advertising Manager after she successfully launched a new lifestyle/property magazine.

Seven years later Hattie resumed her interest in well-being and began managing  the services provided by several well-known complementary therapy centres. Hattie also trained in energy healing modalities, including Reiki and completed the practitioner level III. This opened new opportunities of providing holistic well-being sessions within various complementary therapy clinics. Later she was offered a job working at The Hospital of Saint John and Saint Elizabeth as a Receptionist within their very busy physio therapy department.

Hattie’s career included working at the charity Age UK as a Health and Well-being tutor where she provided exercise and meditation classes. She also planned and managed well-being events, working alongside many medical professionals and complementary therapists/practitioners.

Her highlight was the happy smiles and positive feed-back that came back from the members, this gave great job satisfaction.

Hattie now puts all her past relevant experience in supporting the vital administration services at The Optimum Health Clinic.

kinga photoKinga Christodoulou – Admin Support

Kinga started work in OHC in January 2013 as an administrative assistant. After 3 years as an open market sales person Kinga decided to change her career and emigrated to UK where she started working as a volunteer in a charitable organisation. For her dedication she received Unsung Women’s Award from Mayor of Haringey. Kinga also worked for supplementary school as a PA to the head mistress. Kinga is also a member of Association of Polish Teachers Abroad and passionate about helping children to reach their full potential.