The Optimum Health Clinic Research Department was established in June 2011. The aim of the department is to develop a high quality evidence base for the OHC approach, and to publish the findings in high impact scientific journals. The goal is that this will be a significant step towards government funding being available for treatment at OHC.

The Optimum Health Clinic Research Department has enjoyed various collaborations, including with The School of Psychology’s Chronic Illness Research Team (CIRT) in the University of East London.  As a follow on to a prospective preliminary study published in the BMJ Open in 2012, the team have recently started a three year collaboration with University of Surrey to complete a randomised controlled trial on the OHC approach.

In the video below, Ian Hatton, Chairman of the Research & Medicines committee at The Optimum Heath Clinic Foundation,  updates Alex on how research department was developed and what he sees its long term goals are.