International and Distance Support

The Optimum Health Clinic’s team has played an important role in pioneering the concept of distance and online programmes. This was originally a priority because even within the UK where our main offices are, many of those in need were unable to travel to London. However, as the clinic has grown to have clients in over 50 countries around the world, it has become all the more important to be able to provide our world leading approach to all those in need, wherever they are based.

Our commitment has been to create the same dynamic and inspirational experience that patients receive at the clinic for those working remotely, with considerable thought and effort going towards this aim. In addition to working by telephone (we cover all call costs), many patients find working by video Skype or Zoom to be a very powerful experience. You can have the wisdom and guidance of the world leading clinic team literally in your own home via your computer.

Some other resources that make all the difference:

  • You can access our world leading web based support programme Secrets to Recovery from anywhere in the world. Please visit
  • We have relationships with testing labs and supplement companies in the USA that work closely with our practitioner teams, and we also have organisations we have worked with for a number of years in the UK that will support patients based internationally
  • Our psychology team have extensive experience using our Individual Psychology Programme (more info here) which has been used by patients in every continent around the world apart from Antarctica (but never say never!)

To find out more about how our International and Distance Treatment programmes work, please click on the links on the left hand side of the this page to order an info pack and request a chat with one of our client coordinators.