90 Day Program Online

What is The 90 Day Program Online?

The 90 Day Program is The Optimum Health Clinic’s (OHC’s) groundbreaking psychology based course for CFS/ME. The 90 Day Program was originally created by the clinic team back in 2006, and it has been consistently revised and updated since then to include the clinics very latest protocols.

Nearly the entire OHC psychology team has had personal experience of CFS/ME, all now enjoying vibrant health and energy, with an intense passion to share the keys with others. One of the most challenging things on the recovery path can be the overwhelming variety of different ideas and approaches. The 90 Day Program helps take the guess work out of the process, integrating the very best of different approaches available. It is ultimately an approach that is greater than the sum of the parts.

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What are the core components of The 90 Day Program Online?

The workshop component of The 90 day Program has been formed from what we call “The 3 Pillars of Healing,” and they are as follows:

1. The Healing Zone

  • This section teaches you the OHC “STOP Process” which is a powerful way of interrupting unhelpful thought patterns and shifting the body into a “healing state”
  • Understanding the maladaptive stress response, why this can be such a critical element of recovery, and how to work with changing it

2. Your Body’s Intelligence:

  • In this section you will learn to communicate with and understand what your body is trying to communicate with you
  • By listening to these messages, you will learn to change the responses of your “Bodymind”

3. Working with your emotions:

  • This section will teach you how to work with your emotions and let go of emotional blocks, including using tools from what is commonly known as “energy psychology”
  • This way of working is immensely powerful for clearing and balancing blocked and unwanted emotions

How is this different to other program out there?

There are three key factors which distinguish The 90 Day Program from other approaches available. This is the first truly integrative programme, taking a wholistic view which necessarily involves the mind, body and emotions. Optimum health is the harmony of these three elements working together, and treating just one of them consequently misses parts of the puzzle.

The second key different is that the format of the program also ensures that you not only have the tools to make the changes that you need, but also have the time and support to reinforce them. The unique online format gives you a workshop and a personal session to begin the process of change, and the materials and support to continue and implement that change. This program is the result of years of different formats in which the clinic team have tried to precipitate and simplify the journey; it is the integration of not just all of the cutting edge approaches available, but also the best of the various ways of applying them.  By using our state of the art video conferencing software you can join from home, but feel like you are in the room with us.

The third essential difference to other approaches is that many of those delivering the program, and those assisting the trainers, have personally been through the very experiences of those on the program. This gives the team a truly compassionate and understanding approach.

What if I start the program and find it is too much for me at the moment?

Having run numerous 90 Day Program, we are only too aware of the fears and anxieties people can have about their ability to complete an ongoing program. However, we have also found that delegates are consistently surprised at their ability to keep up with their process, especially as the whole focus is on optimising energy as they go along anyway.

How many people will be in my group?

Workshops are usually 6-8 people. Small groups are there to ensure close support for each participant.

This sounds like amazing value for money, but I’m still not sure I can afford it?

We are very sensitive to the financial reality and difficulties of many of those we work with. The majority of people that come to OHC are unable to work full time and a number are on income support. We do all that we can to make the program affordable to all interested parties, for example allowing participants to pay in instalments over the three months of the program. Please contact us to discuss this further.

What changes can I expect as a result of doing this program?

By the end of the program you will have an in-depth understanding of the latest psychology tools developed by the OHC psychology department. As you will probably know, every situation is different. Some participants see significant changes in a few days or a few weeks, whilst for others, change will be a more gradual process, based on the specific make up of their background and personal experiences. In our experiences this is very normal – and while there are approaches out there that will claim they can offer “cures” and “95% success rates,” this can be very misleading. It can take only a few days to change a mindset, but there is a reality where sometimes the body takes time to adjust. We are also much more interested in lasting change, than short-term peaks that can sometimes result in severe crashes further down the road.

We recently had a prospective preliminary study published in the British Medical Journal Open  (see http://bmjopen.bmj.com/content/2/6/e001079.full) which found statistically significant improvement after three months for those undergoing the OHC psychology approach.  Because this study did not have a control group and was not randomised we are unable to make any comments about clinical improvement at this time.  We are currently working on a full randomised controlled trial which is the next step in developing the evidence base for the OHC approach.  See our Fundraising section for more information of how you can help support this.

What is the cancellation policy of the program?

We are not able to accept cancellations at any point once enrolled on the program,  due to the small group nature of the workshops we run. In addition, anyone paying by instalments who cancels before the final instalment will need to complete payment of any remaining instalments owed. We are unfortunately unable to give refunds or transfer payments towards one-on-one sessions under any circumstances.

What is included in The 90 Day Program

Stage 1: Preparation


We recommend that you digest the following before attending the course (all of which are included in the price of the course):

  • “Access to Conscious Life website with an OHC channel & yoga for CFS with Fiona Agombar
  • “Learn to Relax” audio programme (2 hrs) – MP3 download
  • “The Sleep Inducer” 4 CD audio programme (2 hrs) – MP3 download

Before the program starts, delegates have a pre-course chat via telephone with their trainer.

Stage 2: “The Live Workshop”

This 5-day workshop will teach the fundamental principles and techniques of The 90 Day Program; it is made up of the following components:

Day 1 – 5

2-hour group session (timings vary)


Note: you will be continually encouraged to listen to your body rather than be pushed into doing things you don’t feel ready to do.

Stage 3: Integration

After the “live workshop” element the real work begins. For the following nine weeks, participants have consistent contact with their practitioner and the group, in the form of one-on-one telephone sessions, an additional group session, and home study videos and exercises.

Topics covered include:

Reviews and implementing your toolkit, setting intelligent goals, how to eliminate self judgement and self-sabotage patterns, how to understand the deeper reasons behind your situation and how to gently rebuild your body and increase activity in a way that works for you.

A key part of the integration period is three months free access to The Optimum Health Clinic channel on Conscious 2 which provides access to over 400 hours of powerful resources.

Included in the 90 Day Program:
  • Freedom from M.E. Live Course (£715)
  • One group telephone conference call with your practitioner and the rest of your group at the end of the 90 Days (£125)
  • Three telephone sessions with your practitioner (total of 80min comprised of 2 x 30min sessions after the workshop and 1 x 15-20 min pre-chat prior to the workshop – £160)
  • Four home study CDs (£100)
  • “Learn to Relax”  audio programme (2hrs) – MP3 download (£30)
  • “The Sleep Inducer”  audio programme  (2hrs) – MP3 download (£30)
  • Access to Conscious Life Website with an OHC channel & yoga for CFS with Fiona Agombar (over £20)

Total value : £1,180

We are currently undertaking clinical research to validate the effectiveness of our approach, and are therefore allowing participants to benefit from the program for a massive concession of $750

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