Psychology FAQ

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1. What methods are you using?

The methods we use are a combination of all of our research in traditional psychology, NLP, hypnotherapy, EFT, and various other modalities, together with our experiences of what worked for us in our own individual cases, and for those of the thousands of people we have worked with. We integrate many aspects of different therapies, rather than working with only one method, because we recognise that every individual is different and so needs an individual approach. We know (as we are sure you do!) that what works for one person will not necessarily work for another; our aim is to be best equipped to find what works best for each patient.

2. I’ve heard of the Lightning Process and Alex mentions it in his book – is that something you use?

Alex’s book was responsible for originally introducing The Lightning Process as a treatment for fatigue; he was part of the first ever Lightning Process training seminar for practitioners, and in fact was asked to put together the book on the subject (although ultimately he chose not to). Alex has also been further developing and refining the methods within The Lightning Process throughout his professional career, but he chose not to remain associated with the technique, or even continue to use its name. This was primarily because he was unhappy with how it was being marketed with extremely over-inflated claims of success rates, and the blaming of delegates for not using it properly when they did not get better.

In our approach, we use the development of the Lightning Process as a part of what we do. For some people it can indeed seem like a miraculous solution, but for others their situation is more complex. We also feel from our own experiences and that of thousands of others, that to discount the physical aspect of their situation is to ignore a vital factor in healing. We are, after all, a mind, body and spirit, rather than just one of these. For these reasons, none of our practitioners are licensed Lightning Process practitioners anymore.

3. What about Reverse Therapy/Mickel Therapy?

When Anna was ill, one of the major factors in her journey was the recognition that her body – emotionally and physically – was a ‘feedback’ mechanism, and that at least some of the emotional and symptomatic information she was getting had to be in some way ‘useful’. She understood that this information would be key in helping her to get well, that her body had an innate intelligence, and that by working in harmony with this, by learning to speak its language, we are more likely to create a state of health.

As a clinic, therefore, we have always sought to incorporate these ideas into our approach in ways most useful to the patient.

4. How do sessions work?

We offer treatment on the psychology side of the clinic in three ways:

1. The 90 Day Reset Programme: This is the clinic’s groundbreaking psychology based training course – further information follows, and full details can be found here

2. Individual Psychology Programme: If the 90 Day Reset Programme is not appropriate , this is a great alternative and can be done by Phone/Zoom/ Skype. Full details can be found here

3. Ad hoc sessions: These take place at our Head Office in North London or can be done via Skype/Zoom. Initial sessions are usually 1 hour and to see benefit it would be ideal to have a minimum of 3 sessions. Full details can be found here

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