Psychology Consultation Payments

The payment options below are for one on one sessions and full payment for the Telephone Treatment Programme (now known as the Individual Psychology Programme). Please note that the amounts on the individual sessions, include a Paypal transaction fee. For instalment payment of the Telephone Treatment Programme (also known as Individual Psychology Programme), please scroll down.

Emma Johnson Consultations UK

Emma Johnson Consultations Non-UK

Jess Thompson Consultations UK

Jess Thompson Consultations Non-UK

Alex Howard UK Sessions

Alex Howard Non-UK Sessions

Gemma Wardell Consultations UK

Gemma Wardell Consultations Non-UK

Nikkie Wignall Consultations UK

Nikkie Wignall Consultations Non-UK

Samantha Piecha Consultations UK

Samantha Piecha Consultations Non-UK

Denise Stillie Consultations UK

Denise Stillie Consultations Non-UK

To Pay Marielke Riley – please CLICK HERE

To Pay Marie Fleming – please CLICK HERE

To pay for the Telephone Treatment Programme (now known as the Individual Psychology Programme) in instalments, please choose your practitioner below and click Pay Now to set up your instalment plan. Please use the subscribe button BELOW the name of your practitioner to set up your payments.

Jess Thompson

Gemma Wardell

Nikkie Wignall

Samantha Piecha

Denise Stillie

Marielke Riley

Alex Howard

Marie Fleming

Marie Fleming Telephone Treatment Programme Instalments