Nutrition Consultations

Information we gather and assess at your initial consultation and what you will receive:

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We analyse the your questionnaire which is completed before the initial consultation. We may also analyse GP blood tests if these have already been completed, and any other relevant tests already carried out prior to coming to OHC.

Your practitioner will then discuss the intricacies of your case history with you in great detail, and advice will be given as to what is likely to be happening for you now, with an initial roadmap of the suggested way forward.

Additionally, the questionnaire will help the practitioner to analyse your needs so that your diet can be optimised for energising your system. You will then be given an overview of your food and dietary recommendations, and started on an initial supplement programme (or you will have your current programme updated to the latest protocols). You may also be recommended to carry out some simple home tests (see below) and possibly a functional test (such as an adrenal stress index test) before your first follow-up consultation, if relevant and appropriate to your situation.

We conduct consultations via telephone, Zoom or Skype.

You will also receive the following:

  •  Healthy Eating Guide and personalised dietary suggestions where appropriate
  •  A supplement recommendation sheet
  • Home test & functional test instructions (as relevant)

Information we gather and assess at your first follow up consultation and what you receive:

Prior to your first follow-up consultation, we generally ask that you request from your GP a series of standard blood tests to be done (if these haven’t been done recently), including the below. If your GP is unwilling to do these tests, we can recommend affordably priced private labs.

  • Full blood count
  • Blood glucose
  • Thyroid function (TSH and T4)
  • Uric acid
  • Liver function test
  • Electrolytes (including phosphorus, chloride and bicarbonate)
  • Serum ferritin
  • Lipid profile
  • Serum B12 and folate
  • ESR
  • Vitamin D
  • We also request that you have your blood pressure checked at the same time

We expect the GP to say these results are all “normal” but we will then re-analyse the
results from an optimal and ‘functional’ perspective – meaning that we will look at these results within slightly different reference ranges and we will also look for trends across different markers.

Additionally and if relevant to your case, we may have asked you to complete one or more highly-informative home tests, including the following, which we will also analyse if completed:

  • Basal temperature (requires a thermometer)
  • Metabolic pH test (requires some pH strips)

In this first follow-up, any test results and their implications will be discussed and relevant recommendations made. Supplement and dietary changes that have been implemented will also be discussed and adjusted as necessary, taking account of relevant test results. More tests can be completed at home should initial discussions or subsequent results suggest they would be useful, including a home stomach acid test, bowel transit time test, iodine status and others.

What happens after the first follow-up consultation?
It is unusual for the nutrition process to stop after the first follow-up unless basic dietary and supplement advice was all that was required. For ongoing work, subsequent follow-up consultations to monitor progress and adjust programmes are recommended at 6-12 week intervals (depending upon individual circumstances) as some protocols can be around 12 weeks long. Your practitioner will guide you as to what is most appropriate for you.

N.B. Please note that all follow-up sessions are ALWAYS by telephone (even if the initial one is face-to-face).

What do the supplements cost?
The cost of supplements varies. Patients receive supplement recommendation sheets with information about where they can order the supplements for themselves. The clinic policy is to recommend the most effective supplement to do a particular job, but all recommendations also take into account the patient’s financial and practical limitations; for example: budget available per month, and the ability to swallow capsules or not.

What are the costs of private lab testing?
Many private lab tests are available to help us get a clear picture. These are OPTIONAL and would be customised to the patient’s health and financial needs and could include one or more of the following tests, though the list is by no means exhaustive. Testing costs vary from just £14 for a kryptopyrroles test for example, to £200+ for comprehensive stool testing or food intolerance testing:

  • Adrenal Stress Index Test
  • Comprehensive Stool Analysis/Gastro-intestinal Function
  • Vitamin & mineral status (blood test)
  • ATP Profile/Mitochondrial Function
  • Translocator Protein Study
  • Cell Free DNA
  • SODase
  • Co-enzyme Q10
  • Epithelial growth factor (sEGF) for stomach acid
  • Glutathione studies
  • DNA Adducts
  • Full Thyroid Panels
  • Urine Iodine/Halides
  • Hair Mineral Analysis
  • Leaky Gut (Gut Permeability)
  • Food & environmental Intolerances & Allergies
  • Candida Antibody
  • Kryptopyrroles/Pyroluria
  • Heavy Metals
  • Metal or chemical Sensitivity
  • Fat Biopsy for Pesticides and Volatile Organic Compounds
  • Essential Fatty Acid Profile

What do consultations with the OHC nutrition department cost?
The initial consultation, including the comprehensive assessment and analysis explained above, is £280. This includes one hour with your practitioner, and preparation, analysis and write up time outside of the consultation.

Follow up consultations : £150 per hour which includes around forty-five minutes on the phone with your practitioner, and 15minutes of write up time outside the consultation. Nutrition follow up consultations are done either by phone or Skype or Zoom.

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