A diagnosis of fatigue tells us very little about what is really going on.  It doesn’t tell us why we got ill, why some treatments help at one point and not another, or what is actually going on in our body.  This experience can feel overwhelming, deeply frustrating, and at times desperate. 

Put another way, recovery from fatigue related conditions can feel like a puzzle with too many pieces, and no picture of how it all fits together.  At our clinic , we hope to help you begin to make more sense of your experience, and how to put together the pieces of the jigsaw of your heath journey.

At The Optimum Health Clinic, we have spent fifteen years supporting over 5,000 clients in over 50 countries.  We don’t have all of the answers for everyone, but we do have a lot of answers that seem to benefit many people.  In a recent client survey of 188 clients, 93% said they had benefitted from working with the clinic, and in 2012 we had a study published in the British Medical Journal Open finding statistically significant improvement at three months in all treatment groups. 

After you have explored our website, the next step is to order an Information Pack and then to book a free Discovery Call to discuss your possible way forward with the clinic; either with psychology, nutrition or ideally both. Our Discovery Calls are most definitely not a sales call  – they are simply an opportunity to get your personal questions answered, and essentially, to explore how our approaches may be of benefit to you.