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Video Blog – Adrenal Fatigue in M.E., C.F.S. and Fibromyalgia

This week we have the first in a new series of videos with our nutrition team breaking down parts of the protocol into simple and easy to understand chunks.  In the first of these Amy Pamment from our nutrition team talks about the role of the adrenals in M.E.  This helps explain why so often […]

Video Blog: Alex Needs Your Help!

Welcome to this week’s video newsletter! It’s a very exciting week here at The Optimum Health Clinic. Six years after the original publication of Alex’s first book “WHY ME? My Journey from M.E. to Health and Happiness,” which was really the foundation of the clinic, the second edition is now available. The second edition is […]

Video Blog: Bouncing the Boundaries

This week’s video blog covers a particularly important issue for many on the recovery path, how to increase your activity level in a sustainable way without overdoing it. Alex also talks about the role of pacing, the different stages of recovery, and how to know when to “bounce the boundaries” of your current activity level. […]

Video Blog: Groundbreaking article from clinic team

This week we are very excited to be sharing with you perhaps the most important article ever written by the clinic team about our approach to treating M.E./C.F.S./Fibromyalgia. It was written by Niki and Alex in August and was the main article in CAM Magazine last month. In this week’s video, Alex introduces the article […]

Video Blog: Acceptance

As autumn starts to set in, it’s a great opportunity to reassess things and to really look at how we are progressing with our healing path. One block often to doing this is not accepting where we are with our health. The reason why people often do this is they confuse acceptance for giving in. […]

Video Blog: Nurturing Ourselves

To continue with the theme of the heart, this week’s video blog is about nurturing ourselves and making sure we have fun on the recovery path. We decided this was a great follow up to last week’s video on staying motivated, so please click play below to find out why having fun and engaging with […]

Video Blog: Staying Motivated on the Path to Recovery

This week’s video blog is linked into the next Secrets To Recovery call on “Staying motivated on the path to recovery.” In this video (filmed in his kitchen at home!) Alex shares a very helpful metaphor about motivation, which will help you see motivation in a whole new way, and help you boost your motivation […]

Video Blog – Secrets to Recovery Book Launch

In this video Alex talks about the launch of the new Secrets to Recovery book “Secrets to Recovery: 12 Lessons in Healing M.E./C.F.S./Fibromyalgia”. Watch the below video to find out how you can get hold of a free copy! [youtube GlYD80EpFhk]

Video Blog – Secrets to Recovery re-launch!

In this week’s video blog Alex talks about why recovery stories are just so important on the healing path and explains the new developments to the site. [youtube N5VdshWcZPQ] Visit the new Secrets to Recovery website at