Alex Howard ‘Why Me?’ 3

Our second video this week is from an interview on Conscious TV where Alex talks with his Uncle Iain about the role of motivation on his own recovery. Some of you may know, that Iain, apart from being Alex’s uncle, was a key player in helping him see he could turn his own situation around […]

Video Blog – Secrets to Recovery Book Launch

In this video Alex talks about the launch of the new Secrets to Recovery book “Secrets to Recovery: 12 Lessons in Healing M.E./C.F.S./Fibromyalgia”. Watch the below video to find out how you can get hold of a free copy! [youtube GlYD80EpFhk]

M.E. Recovery Story: Phil

Our second video clip this week is one of the most popular clips from our DVD documentary “Freedom From M.E.: Journeys to Recovery.” It is the climax scene where each of the interiewees share how their lives are now different. [youtube evcKPytq67Q]

Video Blog – Secrets to Recovery re-launch!

In this week’s video blog Alex talks about why recovery stories are just so important on the healing path and explains the new developments to the site. [youtube N5VdshWcZPQ] Visit the new Secrets to Recovery website at

Video Blog – Constant Improvements

This is a video recorded by Alex today about one key shift in your attitude that can be a major factor in turning around your whole recovery. It is the same mindset that Alex used on his own recovery journey, and has also been at the absolute heart of the clinic’s success. [youtube qTvKP9SMbog]

Niki Gratrix Conscious TV Nutrition Interview

This is an excerpt from an interview with Niki Gratrix filmed for Conscious TV last year. In this clip, Niki talks about why integrating treatments together is so important, including sharing a key story from “The International Symposium of Functional Medicine” in California last year. [youtube e7Iy_eSZbd0]

Psychology and ME/CFS – The Latest Talk

The below videos were recorded to give a simple overview of the role of psychology in M.E., a synopsis of various treatment modalities such as The Lightning Process, Reverse Therapy and CBT, and an overview of treatment at The Optimum Health Clinic. Video 1: An introduction to psychology and M.E. To view the second and […]

Chronic Fatigue Doctor Recommendation: Cut out Sugar

Any chronic fatigue doctor will tell you that sugar is a poison that everyone with this illness should avoid completely. Glucose is sugar in its simplest chemical form. Carbohydrates are all foods that break down into glucose when eaten and include sugar and starch.  They are broken down into glucose –the only form in which […]

Epsom Salts for Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Fibromyalgia syndrome chronic fatigue is linked to toxicity and low levels of vital minerals such as magnesium sulphate. Epsom salts are a good way to increase magnesium levels and help with detoxification. While Dead Sea Salts have benefits, they are mainly made from magnesium chloride which does not promote liver detoxification. Epsom salts are made […]