Alex Howard Why ME? ConsciousTV Part 2

To tie in with the second edition of Alex’s book, this week’s second video is an excerpt from an interview Alex gave about his own recovery story for last year. [youtube AP1O8Jze_gw]

Clinic Response to XMRV Article

It is possible that in October this year, the most important research article in the history of CFS/ME was published. Why? Because the study found that most CFS/ME patients had the DNA of a retrovirus called XMRV in their blood – 67% of the sample. For the first time there could be concrete evidence of […]

Raw Food and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Symptoms

Chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms are greatly reduced by the introduction of raw foods. Uncooked foods are living. Their nutrients and enzymes actively interact with the body when consumed and cause a live energy effect. When food is cooked above 120 degrees farenheit the enzymes and nutrients are destroyed. Cooked foods cause an energy depleting reaction […]

Oil Pulling and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Oil pulling is an effective way to remove toxins for patients with Chronic Fatigue syndrome . Oil pulling is the swishing of oil in the mouth to remove unhealthy bacteria while adding health benefits through the tissue of the gums, tongue and sides of the cheeks. Oil pulling is referred to Kavla Gandoosha or Kavala […]

Menopause and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Some of the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome and menopause overlap. Joint pain, headaches, lack of energy, depression and anxiety are present in both conditions. Menopause patients experience hot flushes, decreased libido and aging skin. The three stages of a women’s lifecycle are pre, peri and post menopause and all three of these stages can […]

Far InfraRed Sauna Therapy and Chronic Fatigue

Chronic fatigue can be treated with far infrared sauna therapy. The concept of the sauna has been around since ancient times. Saunas provide a dry hot temperature to raise the body’s temperature to promote the dilation of blood vessels which leads to perspiration through the pores of the skin. This activity releases toxins from the […]

Inflammation and Chronic Fatigue Causes

Inflammation, as dubbed by Time Magazine, is one of the chronic fatigue causes and is a secret killer found to be the foundation for such diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, arthritis, heart attacks, Fibromyalgia, allergies, obesity and many more diseases. While many of these diseases are not related nor caused by the other, […]

Video Blog: Bouncing the Boundaries

This week’s video blog covers a particularly important issue for many on the recovery path, how to increase your activity level in a sustainable way without overdoing it. Alex also talks about the role of pacing, the different stages of recovery, and how to know when to “bounce the boundaries” of your current activity level. […]

Interview with Neil Patel

Our second video this week is an interview filmed by Alex for with Neil Patel, who is a yoga teacher with an extraordinary journey of his survival from cancer. Neil was given a 25% chance of being alive after five years if he had his leg amputated and did extensive amounts of chemotherapy. He […]