Ad hoc Sessions

Who are Ad hoc sessions appropriate for?

Ad hoc sessions are suitable for those who:

  • Prefer not to work in a group.
  • Have covered some of the material from The 90 Day Programme and The Individual Psychology Programme, or are familiar with some of the tools and techniques we use and would like to focus on tailoring the approach to their individual needs.
  • Have a significant background of complicated emotional issues, which need more one to one attention.

Ad hoc sessions can be either face-to-face, phone or Skype consultations according to your needs and preference.

Can I do The 90 Day Programme first?

Absolutely, we find that for those able to travel and are new to our approach that The 90 Day Programme is the most powerful and cost effective way of doing treatment. And, if you choose to kick start your work with the clinic through doing the programme, you can of course have follow up one-to one sessions where you feel it is appropriate or necessary. If you are unable to travel then we would generally recommend The Individual Psychology Programme before ad-hoc sessions. Both programmes include a wide range of support material that is not included with ad-hoc sessions, which is one of the reasons why we would recommend those as a starting point.

How do sessions work and how much do they cost?

Sessions are charged at £125 per hour. Ad-hoc sessions are with the same practitioners as those who run The 90 Day Programme or The Individual Psychology Programme, so they are using exactly the same skill set. Because ad hoc sessions are usually for those with different needs, the length of time in between and the average number of sessions does vary hugely, and your individual needs are best discussed in a free 15 minute chat on the telephone. However, we generally ask that people commit to a minimum of three one hour sessions to start with, so as to give a reasonable chance to experience our approach.

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