Reducing Stress with Nutrition

Nutrition practitioner Juliana shares the first simple steps you can take to use nutrition to support a body prone to stress and anxiety. Juliana includes tips on the effects of caffeine and refined sugar, which nutrients help to support a stressed body, and her favourite quick and easy snack.


    Baked Tempeh | Juliana’s favourite healthy snack ​
  • ​Tempeh (fermented soy) is available in most health food stores or in larger supermarkets in the vegetarian aisle.​
  • Simply slice up a 200g block of tempeh ​
  • Spread the tempeh across a lined baking tray​
  • Pop it in the top rack of a preheated 180 C oven for 20-25 minutes until crispy​
  • Serve with your dip of choice! ​

    It is also delicious added to a stir fry. The protein-rich snack is a simple and tasty way to support slow-releasing energy. Have you tried baked tempeh yet? ​
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