Client Stories: Tam’s Journey

ME/CFS client Tam shares her progress on her recovery journey with the help from the Optimum Health Clinic and a renewed love for wild swimming. She’s started a business and a fundraiser to raise awareness for ME/CFS during ME Awareness Month and hopes her story can inspire others to slowly explore (within their energy envelope) wild swimming to support their recovery.

Find out more about the fundraiser at

Please also be aware of health and safety guidelines for example joining a local swimming group for safety, listen to your body, bring warm layers and never swim alone. Thinking about going wild swimming? Consult your practitioner for further advice on understanding your energy envelope and how to move forward safely.


0:00 Sara introduces client Tam 0:50 Tam’s patient history 3:20 Coming back to swimming 5:43 Swimming on mental health 7:30 New relationship with my body 8:35 Pacing within the energy envelope 10:30 Recovering back to work 11:48 Tam’s ME Awareness Fundraiser 12:45 Find out more about the Wild Swim Store

Posted On May 25th, 2021
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