“I’ve written and published a poetry book ‘Loving from the soul’, it is a collection of poems covering love, relationships, ME and spirituality. Writing poetry about the ups and downs of my relationships and my health really helps me to express my frustrations and feelings. I find it encourages healing through finding my own truth. When I was severely ill in 2003 it was one of the only hobbies I could still do.

I’m making donations to The Optimum Health Clinic for each book sale starting at £1 per book, if 500 are sold it will go up to £1.50, if 700 are sold it will go up to £2 per book.

The clinic helped me so much during my most severe time of ME when there didn’t seem to be anywhere else with much understanding about the condition. I feel that their holistic approach is the way forward for research into this illness.”

If you would like to buy Sarah’s book you can get a signed copy directly from her by emailing her at [email protected] or click here to purchase from Amazon.


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