Classical concert supporting OHC

Welcome to this week’s blog. This week we are very proud to announce that former OHC patient Claire Jones will be donating all proceeds from a concert in London on March 5th. Claire was the royal harpist for several years, including playing at the royal wedding, before developing ME/CFS.

Having recently recovered, Claire has focused her new album on healing, and hopes to inspire others with ME/CFS that it is possible to not only recover, but to use ME/CFS as a powerful path of inner growth. Claire says, “I was very, very lucky to find a team at the Optimum Health Clinic in London to guide my treatment, and who explored with me what worked and what didn’t for me. I would like to raise awareness of the potential of recovery from ME/CFS and in doing so encourage the NHS to look at successful practices and methods being developed that successfully treat this condition.”

The concert looks to be a magical evening, with many of the OHC team themselves attending. If you would like to find out more and purchase tickets, please visit

We are also very excited this end to be working on a new website with a lot of new videos and supportive content. In the meantime, this week we thought we would take you back 6 months to the second ever Secrets to Recovery LIVE, which included an inspirational recovery story from James Sawyer, and Director of Nutrition Helen Lynam talking about POTS. You can view at:

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