Secrets to Recovery LIVE October 2014

Welcome to this week’s blog! Firstly, we are very pleased to be sharing a report detailing your responses to our 2014 patient survey, along with some comments from our management team. You can read the document below. Thank you to everyone that took part, we really do appreciate your input and ongoing support.

OHC Survey Response 2014 

Secrets to Recovery LIVE Monday 13th October 6pm

For Secrets to Recovery LIVE Episode 4 Alex Howard will be talking with Natasha Todd about her recovery story, and Ian Hatton, Chairman of Research and Medicine Committee about OHC’s research plans.

Natasha ToddNatasha Todd:
Natasha suffered from ME/CFS for four years, and having previously worked as a solicitor, struggled through the illness whilst being mother of three young boys. In the interview she will be talking with Alex about the importance of believing she would get well, developing patience, and focusing on small signs of progress.


ianhattonIan Hatton: Ian will be updating us on OHC’s current research activities, its plans for a full randomised controlled trial, and the great deal of work that is going on behind the scenes to one day have OHC’s treatments be available on the NHS.


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