Secrets to Recovery LIVE July 2014

Welcome to this week’s blog. We are excited this week to be letting you know about the second Secrets to Recovery LIVE which will be broadcasting at 6pm on Monday 28th July for 45 minutes at: (please note you will not see anything in the video on this screen until 6pm when we start broadcasting).

Episode 002: James Sawyer recovery story, and Postural Tachycardia Syndrome in ME/CFS

dbutcherDavid Butcher (OHC Chairman) discussing OHC patient survey

Alex will start off having a brief chat with David about the recent patient survey, some of the key findings, and some of the ideas being taken forwards from it. A full report will be made available of the findings next month.


jamesmarathonJames Sawyer Recovery Story

James talked to Alex about his recovery from ME/CFS. In 2011, James was exercising six times a week, working as a trader in the city of London and had a personality larger than life. One day, almost out of nowhere things took a dramatic turn and he ended up being rushed to St Thomas’s hospital. He suffered from severe fatigue, aggressive headaches and immense frustration at having to stop working completely. What was discovered to be Influenza A, in time developed into ME/CFS. Since recovering, James has not only gone back to working full time, but also run a marathon fundraising for OHC. He talked about why be believes he became ill, what made the difference in his recovery, and how his life has changed since getting his life back.

helenHelen Lynam (Director of Nutrition) – Postural Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS)

Several recent press articles have triggered a lot of interested in POTS in relationship to ME/CFS. One recent article in the Daily Mail even claimed that 1/3 of ME/CFS were POTS mis-diagnosed. Helen will be talking about what POTS is, the OHC perspective on these recent news stories, and how patients can work with it.

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