Recovery is rarely a straight line…

Happy New Year and we do hope you had a good Christmas period. We are very excited this year at The Optimum Health Clinic, with a number of new ventures to share in the coming months, including publicly launching our fundraising for our randomised controlled trial, and plans for an OHC monthly live internet TV show… keep an eye out for updates.

For those of you interested in our practitioner training programme, we still have a few places left, so please do visit for information on scholarship places that result in a 40% concession along with some videos with previous students. Please e-mail [email protected] if you would like to find out more

For this week’s blog, we have a video with Jess from our psychology team exploring how the recovery path is rarely a straight line, and how actually it is in the “deviations” from this path that actually we can learn the most. You can view the video below

Thank you also for those of you who sponsored Jess for her swimming the length of the English Channel, she completed her swim, and has so far raised £800 for our charity, this is your last chance to sponsor her at

Finally, we will be launching Alex Howard’s latest Conscious Transformation programme next week, so please do keep an eye out for your next newsletter!

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