OHC Practitioner Course Scholarships for 2013

Firstly, thank you so much for all of the e-mails and comments we have received regarding our research study published in the British Medical Journal Open, it had over 1,000 views in the first two days! It really is a huge milestone for us and we are very excited to be working on plans for the next stage of our research – more on all of that in time! In case you missed the announcement, you can read the BMJ Open paper in full at http://bmjopen.bmj.com/content/2/6/e001079.full

We are also very pleased to be announcing that we are now taking applications for next year’s practitioner training course starting in February 2013. This course is an amazing opportunity to take your understanding of the psychology work at OHC to a whole new level, whilst also opening up new career possibilities. You can find out more about the training at www.TheOptimumHealthClinic.com/training

Because over the years we have observed how life changing this training can be for patients of the clinic, we once again have a limited number of scholarship places available exclusively for patients which result in a 40% concession (with also an option to pay in instalments). You can find out all about scholarship places, along with watch some interviews with previous students at www.FreedomFromME.co.uk/scholarship

If you would like to find out more about our practitioner training, please e-mail [email protected]

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