Biomedical research project launched by OHC Foundation

We have spent the last eight months working on an extremely exciting project through the OHC Foundation, a registered charity set up by Alex Howard and various friends of OHC several years ago.  As virtually everyone reading this will be aware, the lack of a clear biomarker (i.e. a bio-medical test) for ME/CFS is a major issue in terms of not only diagnosis and implications for treatment, but also a major reason behind the hugely frustrating cultural misunderstandings around ME/CFS.  As a stepping stone towards changing this, the OHC Foundation has commissioned a research study exploring mitochondrial function in ME/CFS.  You can read all about this, along with watch a short video explaining the details at Research Projects.

As you will no doubt be aware, the OHC nutrition department has been at the forefront of nutrition work with mitochondrial function over the past four years or so.  We are incredibly excited to now be in a position to play a part in driving forwards the scientific research in this area.  There is obviously still a lot of work to do, but we are immensely grateful to Ian Hatton, one of the Foundation’s trustees who has played a critical role in assisting the project to date, along with Dr Megan Arroll who is leading the project for the OHC Foundation, and Dr Matthew Hirschey and his team at Duke University in North Carolina who are carrying out the analysis.

Here’s the link again: Research Projects

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  1. I wondered the same thing Madeleine. Wanted to know if I had soemhow failed the challenge of registering, lol. Glad you asked what I was wondering. Kind of exciting, this new vehicle. I remember when Phoenix Rising was just bare bones. Before that, the yahoo group. I can see daylight from here. No pressure, Cort.