Alex’s wedding pictures and Practitioner Course

We hope everyone is staying dry in the UK’s rather wet April?  It is that time of year again where we are taking registrations for the summer entrance on our Practitioner Course.  This training is an amazing way of accelerating your recovery path, being part of an amazing support network, and also opening up future career options.  As usual, we have a limited number of scholarship places (resulting in a 40% discount and the option to pay in instalments), so do visit to find out more.  Please submit applications for scholarship places to [email protected]

We would also like to thank people for their patience with a rather major overhaul to the OHC computer systems.  This has resulted in some e-mails bouncing this week, so if you have not received a reply to any e-mails sent this week, please do resend just to be sure.  We are, however, extremely excited by the future potential for research with the new systems, so watch this space for more information on that!

And, as promised, we have some pictures from Alex’s wedding on the blog, you can view them below.  We hope you enjoy them, and Alex is extremely grateful for all the good wishes he has received!

Finally, just in case any of you working with the nutrition side of the clinic are due to submit samples to Acumen Lab (mitochondrial testing etc.) soon, we have been informed that it will be closed between Sat 5th May and Tues 29th May for annual vacation and maintenance. So the absolute LAST day samples can ARRIVE at the lab is Fri 4th May, and the FIRST day you can send samples is Mon 28th May so they arrive when it re-opens on Tues 29th May. If samples arrive between 5-28th May they will not be analysed. Do contact your nutrition practitioner if you need any advice about the timing of your tests.

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  1. I have had a very good experience here and the staff is aawlys exceptionaly friendly. My results are not where I would like them, but that is more on my level of dedication than the program!