Simon is in Siberia and underway!

Welcome to this week’s blog. We are very pleased to let you know that Simon Limpus who is motorbiking 1500km across Siberia for our registered charity, is now underway! This really is an epic challenge for someone that suffered from ME/CFS for many years, and given the temperature is ranging from -40 to -60, it makes the recent cold spell in the UK look like a Caribbean summer! If you would like to find out more about Simon’s adventure we have loaded a video Simon filmed with Alex before the event started below. This video was put together to encourage fundraising, so please do get behind Simon, you can sponsor him at You can also view a further video we released at the end of last year with Simon and Alex talking about Simon’s journey with ME/CFS in more detail.

Simon Limpus talks to Alex about his charity event for The Optimum Health Clinic Foundation

Simon Limpus talks to Alex about his journey with ME/CFS

Also, if you would like to follow Simon’s actual event, he is doing regular podcasts through their Facebook page, you can follow this at Ice Run 2012 Fan Page

We also thought you might like to know that Alex is currently working on a “Hypnosis Masterclass” free Webinar, where you will be able to learn some fascinating tools to actually use hypnotherapy with yourself and others. Hopefully we will be able to give you the details next week, so keep an eye out for your newsletter!

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