Last chance for Conscious Transformation and update on Simon’s trip to Siberia!

We are extremely excited that Conscious Transformation starts on Monday 6th February!  There are still some places available and Alex has put together a final video on how and why this programme is so relevant for those on a recovery path from ME, CFS and Fibromyalgia.  It’s just a short video, so please do check it out below!  If you would like to find out more and be part of this amazing programme, you can watch a further video and read all about it at

Please visit for more information!

Also, we are very proud of former patient Simon Limpus and his extraordinary 1500km unsupported bike race across Siberia which starts in a couple of weeks.  For those of us struggling with the freezing temperatures in the UK at the moment, the -40 to -60 he is going to be facing looks even more daunting!  You can watch a video with Alex and Simon about the event at Former patient motorbiking across Siberia for charity! You can also follow Simon on the event page where you can sponsor him and sign up to receive updates on their progress!

One Response to “Last chance for Conscious Transformation and update on Simon’s trip to Siberia!”

  1. Just reading the defointiin you have written in this post about fibromyalgia is quite depressing!Chronic pain, fatigue, tender points they all seem to add up to a life of misery when you just read the words on this page.But I do know from my contact with those who have got fibromyalgia, that the person’s spirit can help fibro sufferers to rise above all of this and still get pleasure from their families and the things that are achievable.Life goes on and we can achieve so much when we have the right attitude.